Academic Papers

Academic Journals

Hausmann, R., Pietrobelli, C., and Santos, M.A. “Place-specific Determinants of Income Development Gaps: New Sub-National Evidence from Mexico

Bahar, D., Molina, C., and Santos, M.A. Fool’s Gold: On the Impact of Venezuelan Devaluations in Multinational Stock Prices.

Betancourt, C., Garay, U., Contreras, V., and Santos, M.A. “Expropriation risk and housing prices: Evidence from an emerging market”

Molina, C., and Santos, M.A. “Case Study CANTV-TELMEX: Which is the appropriate discount rate?”

Work in Progress

Bustos, S., Rigobon, R., and Santos, M.A. “Identification through heteroscedasticity: Disentangling the long-term impacts of the Maisanta blacklist”